RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY…………..II-95 Ypsomed Collaborates with Novo Nordisk for Insulin Pumps II-95 Senseonics Holdings Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Roche………….. II-95 Siemens Healthcare Rebrands as Siemens Healthineers II-95 Cellnovo and Roche Sign Agreement on Blood Glucose Monitors II-95 Bayer to Sell Diabetes Care Business to Panasonic Healthcare II-95 Sinocare to Acquire PTS Diagnostics II-95 Abbott Inks Definitive Agreement to Take over Alere II-96 Decision Diagnostics Enters into R&D Agreement with Korean Manufacturer………….. II-96 Medtronic Collaborates with Qualcomm for Disposable CGM II-96 Integrity Applications Enters into Distribution Agreements with LifeCaring Technologies and Guangzhou Guang Yuan Biological………….. II-96 Insulet Corporation Extends Agreement with Abbott II-96 Decision Diagnostics Acquires Genstrip from Shasta Technologies II-96 8. FOCUS ON SELECT GLOBAL PLAYERS…………..II-97 Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc. (US)…………..II-97 Acon Laboratories, Inc. (US)…………..II-97 AgaMatrix, Inc. (US)…………..II-97 Alere Inc. (US)………….. II-98 Animas Corporation (US)…………..II-98 Apex Biotechnology Corporation (Taiwan) II-99 ARKRAY, Inc.

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The.arly stages of diabetic retinopathy usually have no symptoms. Central serous retinopathy has been associated with prescription corticosteroid treatment. For example, the Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network conducts large multi-center trials to test new therapies for diabetic eye disease, and to compare different therapies. Anti-veg therapy Avastin, Lucentis, Eylea Anti-VEGF therapy involves the injection of the medication into the back of your eye. It may also be used to repair retinal detachment . Eye surgery is the main treatment for diabetic retinopathy. Irish researchers from GUI Galway and Queen’s University Belfast are part of an international collaboration who are assessing if stem cells derived from bone marrow can control glucose levels and stop some of the damage caused by six diabetic complications, including diabetic retinopathy. The Best Questions For Deciding Upon Details In Eye Surgery | Advice To The ViewIn diabetic macular oedema, too much VEGF is produced in the eye, and these drugs block the production of these new, abnormal vessels. Hypertensive retinopathy — Lowering blood pressure often can stop ongoing damage to the retina.

In.he.dvanced stage, called proliferative retinopathy, new blood vessels grow in the eye. Macular oenema is a swelling of the macula, caused by the leakage of fluid from retinal blood vessels. This process can pinpoint areas that may be threatening to bleed. Patients will not have visual symptoms early on in the disease and need to be followed closely in case neovascularization occurs. The vitreous is the clear gel between the lens and the retina. It is the part of your eye that “takes pictures” and sends the images to your brain . Diabetic eye disease also includes cataract and glaucoma: Cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens. But as it progresses, diabetic retinopathy usually causes vision loss that in many cases cannot be reversed. no dataBetween 40 and 45 percent of Americans diagnosed with diabetes have some stage of diabetic retinopathy, although only about half are aware of it. Other eye problems that can occur in people with diabetes include: Cataract : cloudiness of the eye lens Glaucoma : increased pressure in the eye that can lead to blindness Macular edema: blurry vision due to fluid leaking into the area of the retina that provides sharp central vision Retinal detachment : scarring that may cause part of the retina to pull away from the back of your eyeball High blood sugar or rapid changes in blood sugar level often cause blurred vision. Regular prenatal care is vital to preventing premature birth and retinopathy of prematurity . After the scar tissue shrinks, it can distort the retina or pull it out-of-place, a condition called retinal detachment. In cases that persist, laser treatment is often used.

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